Contact number +52 (322) 146-8193

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To transfer accurate information and provide a service on time, passengers must provide us with a contact phone number.

Vallarta Limos is not responsible if the passenger cannot be contacted.

If the contact has not been made after one hour of the pick-up time, the reservation will be considered a NO SHOW.

Smoking is not allowed in our vehicles.

The consumption of alcohol by minors and the possession or use of drugs in any of the vehicles are prohibited.

Any changes to your trip, please contact us immediately at +52 322 146 8193 or email us at ( to reschedule your transportation.

We monitor flights to accommodate you in a vehicle that is available at the new time of your arrival.

Any changes made for an unreasonable amount of time prior to booking, (such as scheduled pick-up time, missed flight, etc.), will be considered a no show.

Please ensure that all flight, contact and booking information provided to us with accurate information, we are not responsible if the arrival/departure information, flight number and pick-up address provided to us is incorrect or not provided to us at all.

We offer a 15-minute grace period for the pickup time specified in the reservation.

Overtime pay will be applied after the grace period at the rate of the requested vehicle in 15-minute increments. Arrivals at the domestic airport have 30 minutes of complimentary waiting time to collect luggage.

Arrivals at the international airport have 60 minutes of complimentary waiting time to collect luggage.

All stops must be arranged in advance and will incur additional fees. This includes picking up additional passengers elsewhere.

Please pre-arrange any stops you may take into account prior to pick-up.

You can also consider our hourly transportation rates , if you must have several stops, as they may be more suitable and more cost-effective.

Vallarta Limos is not responsible for delays or termination in full of the service given by unsafe road conditions caused by nature and not under our control.

Additional fees may apply for weather conditions that result in dangerous or difficult driving conditions.